About Us

We believe that every golfer should not only have the opportunity to express their unique personality through their clothing, but also enjoy the luxury of wearing high-quality apparel. At Prickly Pear, we're all about empowering individual style, bringing vibrancy to the green, and ensuring you feel as good as you look while teeing off.

We don't just create golf apparel & goods, we craft a golfing experience. Our workshops, based in the dynamic cities of Boston and Austin, serve as creative hubs where original prints and designs are brought to life. Working in close collaboration with U.S. based factories, we transform our sketches and fabric swatches into tangible, wearable art - an extension of a golfer's character on and off the green.

Our commitment at Prickly Pear extends beyond simply providing the best quality apparel. We promise an unparalleled level of customer service, a shopping experience that feels as personalized and unique as our products. Our passion for what we do shines brightly in every stitch and seam, creating the perfect balance between style and comfort. When a golfer steps onto the course in our attire, they should feel not only comfortable and confident but also part of a proud tradition of quality and craftsmanship. Creating such pieces involves time and careful precision, meaning our products may take a little longer to reach you. But trust us - as you turn heads on the course, you'll agree it's been worth the wait.